To be that song

To be that song of punk, rock, and funkalicious hi-fidelity.

A classic song of blue in a white room, a beige song painted black.

To be that perfect exercise song, one that exorcises all boredom off the bone.

Home song, road song.

Drum hunger laying down a steady 4/4 of going all the way song.

Master-blaster boogie searching out houses of the holy.

Mantra song, money song, mony mony song.

Song that knows if it’s ever jailed, all it’s gotta do is offer up a righteous beat for bail.

Song that knows what’s going on, smells like teen spirit when dancing a bohemian rhapsody.

Unlocks chains of self-enslavement. Got a peace sign for a third eye.

Spins like a shiny dime, poppin’ and lockin’ with finely honed rhymes.

To be that song transcending time. To be that song.

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