The constant traffic of torture & treachery.
Tempests of tension.
Troops of toxic tongues
trampling truths.

Tears, traumas, torments.

Tectonic plates of thuggish thunking,
Trumpish thinking
shaking the terrain.

Amidst it all,
dare to traverse
these turbulent territories.

Touch. Transform.
Terrificize, not terrorize.

Teach tantalizing theorems of togetherness.


He was born with a sniper’s scope for a third eye. He wore the skin of a greed monster until it was his own flesh & blood. He learned the alphabet of antagonism. He spoke the language of fear-mongering & forgery. He sold his soul at the crossroads in exchange for his name in lights. He wrote the Book of Deception. He pilfered reality of its credibility. He sweated dirty money, cut his teeth on the crushed dreams of the beguiled. He fashioned lynching ropes into neckties. He courted enmity, built walls to ward off diversity. He then wanted to rule the world.