Bullets, Miracles, Tears & Feathers

This gift of human life, its slow unveiling to reveal deeper meaning. Sometimes life’s mysteries are explained through lessons learned. Sometimes life’s beauty is simply its many mysteries. Bullets, miracles, tears and feathers. To each of us comes gravity and uplift, cruelty and consideration. This gift of human life—what we cherish, what we burn, what we regift, what we hide away. So deep we delve into the many mysteries; so high we rise into life’s shining.

Over 1,000 Channels of Madness & Magic

Spirits wane, spirits rise. Death tolls fall, death tolls soar. Winning & losing, truth telling & fake news. Our world is besieged by war & wonder, deception & dreaming. Fear-hearted criminals wield weapons, believe they’re gods. Poison-minded businessmen scheme new ways to fleece the unsuspecting. A reality TV-show existence with over 1,000 channels of madness & magic. Bombs & bruises, bravery & embrace. Smoke & mirrors with the occasional vivid burst of light.

this melting pot of madness and magic

We are a melting pot of madness & magic. We are beloved by kin & bullied when our skin or beliefs don’t blend in perfectly with one another. We rise from ashes, rise with alarm clocks to faithfully face new joys & challenges. We fall in line, fall to the wayside. We beat back demons & beat the dust off our clothes to get the job done. We grapple with guilts & shortcomings. Can be consumed by wrath, alienated by worth. We can also transform ghost seeds into fertile groves. Spin soul songs into solid gold. And when we conjure more magic than madness, we can alchemically arrange kill into kiss. Can leave the lights on in our eyes so even on the darkest nights our loved ones can still find their way back home.

Without Wolves 

This edge of knife / This turbulent river / This land we cannot cross without wolves for protection / This edge of sanity / This unending storm / This turning world, a wounded rock lost in the sky / Gun-raging voices, bloodthirsty for hurt / Void-hearted haters, reducing nature to dirt / Oh wounded world / Oh edge of sanity / Oh edge of knife / Bleed away the poison so we may heal