New Post at The Rumpus

Very honored to have a new poem published at The Rumpus:

“Things About Myself and the World That I Will and Won’t Explain to My Daughter When She’s Older”

“Things about Myself & the World That I Will & Won’t Explain to My Daughter When She’s Older”



Giving Thanks

So grateful for my family, friends & pets. Thankful for our health & well-being, the continual breath & heartbeat orchestrating life’s symphony. Gratitude for all my teachers & the fearless, clear-minded individuals that continually fight for justice, equality & social consciousness. So satisfied by the sun & rain, all the animals, insects & trees; Mother Nature in all her glorious seasonal striptease. Thankful for the light & dark. Joan of Arc, Joan Jett, Bennie & the Jets. Diamond dogs, dog howls & Ginsberg’s “Howl”. Grateful for Bruce Lee, Steve McQueen, Scooby Doo & Sojourner Truth. Road trips & fearless Simone Biles flips. All the sounds, silences, forethought & happy accidents that’ve inspired creative innovation. Books, yoga, my car & two feet. The string of green lights that help me move a little smoother along life’s highway. Also the occasional red light that gives me time to pause & reflect. Grateful for my job & students. For my wife & baby daughter that remind me on a daily basis to smile, laugh & to more courageously embrace change. Truly thankful that I am not in the poorhouse or madhouse. That I can go to sleep & wake up every morning in my own house with my beautiful family.