On the War of the Week Channel

There’s always something going on—

from the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine to a disgruntled couple arguing over who gets control of the TV remote for the evening.

It’s all like a car wreck in reverse:

there’s blood and guts, crying and screaming right off the bat, then as the mangled metal untwists itself, everyone walks safely away from what was once the scene of the accident.

Outside my window, there’s a murder of crows that would rather you call them a choir.

For a small fee, they’ll sing a song to keep your heart from exploding.

The war of the week channel shows me that those once considered the salt of the earth can sometimes turn into quite the lousy seasoning for your slice of life.

Rather than reaching for another snack, I keep all fingers crossed.

Perhaps good fortune will arrive any moment at the local greyhound station.

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