The Chain of Want

Caterpillars want to be wolves. Wolves want to be radios.

Radios want to be moments of silence. Moments of silence want to be serial killers.

Serial killers want to be reborn into baby buddhas. Baby buddhas want to grow up to be rock guitars.

Rock guitars want to be junkyard dogs. Junkyard dogs want to be anything but a cat.

A cat wants to be a Cadillac. A Cadillac wants to be a garbage truck.

A garbage truck wants to be a wet dream. A wet dream wants to be heaven.

Heaven wants to be a dive bar. A dive bar wants to be diamonds.

Diamonds want to be handfuls of dirt. Handfuls of dirt want to be thrown into graves.

Graves want to be winds. Winds want to be human. And humans forever want to be everything at once.

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