Abyss / A Bliss

Birdsong your breath. Turn any abyss into a bliss.

Create a version of the North Star to be your third eye. Transform the apocalypse into a calypso dance.

Change the status quo into an ever-changing cirrostratus flow.

When writing on the walls of life, know it’s good sometimes to get down and dirty; it doesn’t all have to be sweetie graffiti.

Be the mirror your lover longs to encounter first thing in the morning.

Dare to let your words go without makeup; those thoughts can often reveal the rawest beauty.

When reading between the lines, make sure you can interpret the syllables of secrets.

From your deepest, most daring and adored dreams, discover a new penpal and write daily.

Know that Van Gogh’s ear hears all the colors of your heart.

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