K’BOOMS of Gratitude

Gratitude bombs exploding with bountiful booms of thank-yous to those who make life beautiful: family & friends. Teachers & healers, pets & car mechanics. Songbirds that reshape the ingrown toenail of the troubled mind into a wondrous hum. Writers, artists, musicians, dancers & photographers. Books, home cooking & the occasional kind look from a passing stranger. Grateful for my health & the health of those around me. Drinking water & ocean water. War vets & animal vets. Firefighters & first responders rescuing people from wildfires, floods & other disasters. The sun, moon, stars & trees. Bruce Lee, Steve McQueen, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart & every other badass braveheart. Jukeboxes & raindrops. Comedians & philosophers. Those who bear compassion & wisdom in these dark days of hate & ignorance. Grocery clerks & factory workers, paychecks & chubby, dimpled baby cheeks. Also, a shoutout for those random K’BOOMS of kindness exploding all around the world.

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