Spin Life’s Radio Dial

and you get soothing symphonies of love followed by one breakneck defeat after another. Men with savage appetites and children whose laughter creates new vocabularies of joy. Blues like dogs with sad eyes and old men sick of anything smelling like hope. Faulty engine valves clattering bad-luck ragtimes across an America that forgot to flush one too many times, leaving a merciless stink of hate and venomous verbiage permeating the airwaves. But then you spin life’s radio dial again, and it’s endless days of friends, paychecks, healed wounds, and the heart’s firing squad laying down its arms to slow waltz its way up the charts. Some days this music of ours will break your spirit. Other days, it’ll leave you joyriding through the night, challenging the moon to another exciting game of truth or dare.

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