When Reconsidering Our Happily Ever Afters

Our happily ever afters may not be like we once thought, but at least we can rewrite our stories with style, class, and personal panache. We can compose a shoes-off, wiggle-our-toes romp of soul-fandango’ing in finely tuned rhythm skins. A song of humming and strumming, like a perfectly flung Frisbee soaring gracefully on air. A life boomeranging back to us, complete with a well-harvested journey; sharing the fruits of all our labors with family, friends, and neighbors. An in-tune and fully bloomed version of beauty and possibility. A life we can press our lips to. A kiss that’s a meeting of dipping and darting tongues; a whip-smart and slippery slish-sloshing of oh my gosh what a wonderful penning to a beginning I never want to end.

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