The Needs of Teachers

Let’s offer teachers new books. Let’s offer them school supplies—like pencils, notebooks, and up-to-date visual aids—that they often purchase with their own money. Let’s offer teachers arts and music in the classroom. New PE equipment and healthier, tastier options for their school cafeterias. Let’s offer teachers a portion of Trump’s border wall money to help pay for the raises they rarely receive. Let’s offer teachers decent health insurance. A handshake and words of encouragement. Maybe an occasional spa package for when they’re feeling particularly stressed out. Let’s offer teachers a good, strong early morning cup of coffee. A dependable car so they can arrive safely to work. Let’s offer them trainings on up-to-date methods of teaching and how to deal with troubled students. Let’s offer teachers our love, support, and appreciation. Maybe even an apple. But please, let’s not offer them guns.

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