To the Bookworms, Shadow Boxers, Netflix Bingers & More

To all the old souls & young at heart, the silence breakers & activists. Musicians, librarians & car mechanics. All the writers & freedom riders, the proud papas & earthshine mamas. To the uptowners, downtowners, downdoggers & down on their luck. All the war vets & animal vets. The harbingers of light with sunflower minds, the hope-challenged souls with scars on their psyches. To the DACA Dreamers & climate change believers. Those who support the NEA & LGBTQ. Ones who’ve braved fires & storms. All the bookworms & Netflix bingers, the shadow boxers & grocery baggers. Baristas, tweeters, barhoppers & poetry addicts. All the sick & infirm, the healthy & holy. Those who can dance on the head of a pin & those who can bench press the weight of the world. To each & every one of you, I wish you a happy & healthy 2018!

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