A Year of Empowerment and Atrocities

It’s been a year of empowerment & atrocities: Guns & hurricanes destroyed countless lives, while Rep. Maxine Waters stood her ground, reclaimed her time. Far more people attended the women’s march than the presidential inauguration. Trumpism took a dump on optimism. Climate change raped Mother Nature while fake news screwed with our minds. Cars once used for joyrides became far more weaponized. Civic warriors battled white supremacists while football players took a knee for social injustices. It was far easier to score opioids than employment. We lost luminaries from Tom Petty to Sam Shepard, David Cassidy to Mary Tyler Moore. #MeToo proved itself more than just a hashtag. While allowing victims voices to be heard, it proclaimed that sexual harassers should keep their hands in their own pants. There was North Korean missile testing, Muslim travel bans, DACA Dreamers hanging in limbo, and a war waged against freedom of the press. And all the while, Mueller keeps digging for the truth…

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