The Genius of the Lost

Our lives would be so much easier if everything we dropped stayed right where it was when hitting the ground, instead of bouncing off a couch cushion, lamp base, or furniture leg, then spiraling off into some black-holed beyond where matter is no longer enslaved, and we’re left wondering if it’s even possible to reverse time, or coax stray molecules back into the shape of a lost cell phone, keys, or jewelry. Imagine the genius of these items that can escape our grasp; the countless hours of sweat, planning, and thoughtfulness it takes them to break from the chains of pride and ownership in which we bind them as they wriggle free from our grip and skitter off across the hard-worn human surfaces of need, fear, and loneliness, into a far better world. And whenever our possessions do make a sound when hitting the ground—a tinkle, bing, or pop—it is simply their way of saying goodbye.

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