Side Effects 

Side effects may include bone fractures, hair loss. Unmappable and unconquerable sadness. The once honeyed milk of hope may leave a gunmetal taste in your mouth. Pillow talk may turn toxic. Kisses, no matter how faithfully offered, may be slapped with guilty verdicts. Your self-esteem may experience a leaky discharge. Other side effects can include new holidays created in your name. Civil War re-enactors stripping off blues and grays, hosting naked swim parties in your honor. Atom bombs blowing off steam by singing you Bach lullabies. You may also experience an increased sexual appetite. Libido lickable as a lollipop. Alternative facts disentangling into vast populations of natural-hued truths. You may also experience seizures, strokes, problems with memory attention. Which may cause you to remember none of this come morning.


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