For the Fathers

This one goes out to all you fathers: Fathers from Shanghai to Schenectady. Fathers with hearts huger than 20 Texases. Pet fathers, poet fathers, artist and actor fathers. Fathers transforming a child’s internal weather from thunderstorm to sunny. Fathers of all religions, fathers that know how to fix car engines. Big-money fathers, middle and low-income fathers. Coffee-drinking, deep-thinking fathers. Fathers no longer alive, but still existing boldly in hearts & minds. Garden-tending fathers, garment-mending fathers. Fathers more epic than “Stairway to Heaven”. Fathers making homes feel like hymns. Dancing fathers, ditch-digging fathers. Songwriting, word-rhyming fathers. Fathers defying gravity, the way they make you feel like you’re floating on air. Fathers flying straighter than crows, always knowing which way the wind blows. Skateboarding fathers, book-hoarding fathers. Music-loving, non-shoving fathers. Fathers always offering encouraging words. Fathers tearing their hearts to tourniquets to stave off the poison of hurt. 


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