A Day in the Life and Death

When it’s our time to go maybe our lives will end with an orchestral crescendo like the Beatles “A Day in the Life.” Our passing will be filled with sounds of our favorite songs punctuated by automatic scribblings of kisses. Eroticism’s fossils will piece themselves together into heated moans of bliss’s wild beasts. Sweet OMs of meditation, not maditation. Unguns firing endless rounds of fun. Conflagrations of congratulations. Symphonies of singing angels, roaring oceans, passing trains, falling rain. A music of muses amused. Epiphany-popping haikus of truth. Every word a bird of songtacular serenity. Moon thought serving up a soft wild laughter of light. All of it finally resolving into one long, sustaining E chord of mind-blowing, heart-stopping, overwhelmingly beautiful silence…


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