In These United Unhates of America 

Fellow citizens, no time for ostracizing. Or ostrichsizing—don’t bury your heads in the sand. Stay wide awake & vigilant. Less histrionics; more knowledge of history to keep the alternative fact beast at bay. Be guerrillas in the mist of mayhem. Tune voices to the key of democracy. Rise above Twitter wars and terrorist attacks, partisan politics & computer hacks. Crawl back into our country’s great big melting pot, reconnect with bold immigrant spirit. Invent new languages of wisdom and compassion. Offer a voice to those living fearfully in tongueless shadows. Be Sons & Daughters of Liberty, not the Mother of All Bombs. Don’t poison society’s well with corrosive logic. Skinny dip in oceans of positive emotions. Unravel nooses of untruths and bigotry. Teach Apocalypse how to French kiss with kinder lips. Fellow citizens, better to balm your palms with calm than road-rage on a highway to hell. Better to continually spin on an axis bold as love in our ever-changing, ever-expanding United Unhates of America.


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