Be your own symphony; a one-person band boomcrashing with absolute delight. Be your own pet. A heads-up penny. A superman, a superwoman, a superhighway clear of crosstown traffic. Be a crescendo, a climax, an abstract painting of perfect clarity. A bird-friendly scarecrow moved by the winds of good fortune. Be an unbroken mirror, a complex puzzle that puts itself together in the dark. Be right as rain, high as noon, the one always falling up. Be an unlying lion rising with the most honorable roar. A gorgeously blooming garden with a never-wilting smile. Be a satellite of love, a gazillion gigabytes of giggling bright. A shining star, an undwarfed planet in humanity’s galaxy. Be the light, the dark, and everything in between. The newspaper leading with a promising headline. Be the walls that surround you, then knock them down. Be the book into which you write meaning, daily offerings of heart and soul; do it until there’s no more to write, then write more.


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